Friday, August 10, 2018

Turn this plane around!

I love this: federal judge Emmet G. Sullivan, ordered a plane to turn around and bring back "several Central American women requesting asylum [when] he learned that a woman and her daughter had been ushered from a Texas shelter, driven to an airport and put on a plane to El Salvador." **

The judge, "criticized the government for deporting the pair just as they were seeking justice in court."

Maybe I love this most of all: "In ordering the government to undo the deportation, he threatened to hold government officials, from Attorney General Jeff Sessions on down, in contempt, said a lawyer for the plaintiffs."

At least some of the judiciary is holding firm against the wholesale assault on democratic institutions by Trump.

The plane did not turn around in mid-air, which seemed to be the import of the judge's order, and would have been cinematically ideal. Instead, it landed in El Salvador, but took off again immediately, whisking the "deportees" back to the United States.

**Vivian Yee "Judge Threatens Sessions With Contempt Over Deported Asylum Seekers" (NY Times, 8/9/18)

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