Thursday, May 3, 2018

Bibbi, What's Wrong With Him?

Bibbi, What's Wrong With Him?

Bibbi, what's wrong with him and beyond him Eretz Yisrael

Yeah, I read The Times. and here's the scariest bit I came upon in today's paper (5/3/18):

Even as Mr. Netanyahu was speaking [announcing reasons, fraudulent even by the lights of his own highly sophisticated military, for abrogating the nuclear treaty with Iran] his coalition in Parliament was pushing through a bill that would shift the power to go to war or carry out a military operation from the full cabinet to the smaller security cabinet — and, under “extreme circumstances,” allow the prime minister and defense minister alone to order such action.

This is scary. Even if the Israeli political system will put enough blockades in the way.

And yet, one must ask, what is it with Netanyahu, as in WTF?  Such a monster,  warmonger?


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