Saturday, January 13, 2018

Trump Shits

Some have argued, cogently, that Trump has mental problems. Let me suggest he has bowel problems, and further that bowels can trump brains when it comes to being problematic. Yes, both bowels and brains contain neurons, the brain many more of them, of course, but bowel neurons are primed, charged and sunreflective.

Back to Trump, it's his shits not his thoughts that count. His shits fly, and he can barely outrun them to West Wing toilets. He doesn't like his crap wrinkling down his leg into his expensive shoes. He doesn't like screaming "No Shit!" as he discovers that nothing is faster than the speed of shit.

Of course Trump has got the Seventh Fleet if need be, plus Marines, to clean him up, and White House maids by the dozens to provide new linen.

Still, it roils him something wicked to soil himself.

And then he wipes himself and tweets

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