Saturday, December 16, 2017

Fans of Omoraso

Fans of Omarosa (assuming any other than Trump) be warned; I aim to savage her. Feel free to join.

Back in her "The Apprentice" days her role was to be a bitch — dishonest, cheating, shameless, altogether and impeccably hateful, and all on camera. Yes — no racism intended — a distinctively black bitch, which it made the whole thing more volatile and explosive and dangerous. And terribly good for ratings.

Omarosa played the role to perfection, no coaching necessary. And has continued to play/be that very thing no matter the context.

This isn't the time for a definitive flame, which would reference her marriage to Michael Clarke Duncan, star of "The Green Mile," and the battle between Omarosa and his kin over Duncan's will. Nothing pertaining to Omarosa can, by definition, escape scandal. And then there are her wilderness days, her phone days, her phone porn days, when she charged men by the minute to talk to the exquisite and exquisitely dismissive Omarosa.

And then there is the work she has done for Trump. Work, work? Indeed What work? Nobody has the slightest. Seemed like leisure according to all accounts. But she was paid $180,000 a year for it, until her entry card to the high precinct was revoked and she was shuttled out for good.

How corrupt is Omoraso? My favorite latest bit is her attempt to storm the West Wing with the troop she invited to her most recent wedding. Gen Kelly was ready to call out the Marines on that one.

And Omoraso is gone.

Or is she?

Gone or gone a la Steve Bannon?

Gone like Omoraso, who is about to make a mint detailing the things she saw during her stint as a nothing and no-show at the WH.

"And when I can tell my story, it is a profound story that I know the world will want to hear."

But her story will have its limits.

As she has put it, “Donald Trump is racial, but he is not a racist."

Duh? Huh?

Meaning she will never implicate Massah Trump in anything.

Why do I despise Omarosa?

First of all, because she is, in and of herself, completely and utterly despicable.

And then there is this, namely that she is a fully authorized imprint of Trump himself, a fraud to the innermost core. Obedient. The kind he likes.

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