Monday, October 16, 2017


There's no doubt that Harvey Weinstein's behavior was heinous and punishable. It's good that he's being reduced to zero, and let that be a lesson to others.

And then there are the onlookers, the buddies who knew and stood by. I'm sorry to think Ben Affleck may be one of them.

They should be confronted, too, here as in every case where passive onlooking is a form of complicity.

But this being the United States let's remember there's always a danger of overcorrection, in this case political correctness run amok.

Political correctness, or some impulse drawing from it,  can be seen when protestors try to deny viewers the right to see Dana Schutz's painting of Emmett Till, and even the right of a white artist to conceive of and execute such an image.

That's the kind of overcorrection for racism that corrects for nothing and is sick in its own right.

In a piece for The Forward, Cathy Young writes

McCarthyism was not a good response to the real problem of communist espionage and infiltration. Sexual McCarthyism . . . is not a good response to the real problem of sexual predators.

The comparison to McCarthyism may be questionable but this being America it's worth considering.

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