Monday, October 23, 2017

Megyn Kelly

Something strange and transformative is going on, strange and transformative enough, at any rate, to get me to post in favor of Megyn Kelly.

In a response, Bill O'Reilly said, "never had any problem with Megyn Kelly." So what, Bill? Don't you get it? She's not saying you had a problem with her. She's saying she has a serious problem with you, and, btw, FOX, your network.

. . .

I'm sorry James Toback is being accused of sexual abuse. I'm the kind of liberal who'd rather the charges swept the likes of right winger ideologues like O'Reilly away. But I'm also the type of liberal who thinks, let the chips fall where they may. Even if it means bringing down a divided personality like Harvey Weinstein, who marched for women's rights and contributed significantly to liberal causes, while committing serial, serious abuse. And even if it means opening — but not closing, we don't know yet — the book on James Toback.

I'd rather Toback was not guilty. I'd rather Ben Affleck was not complicit. I'd rather Quentin Tarantino had nothing to regret or apologize for. I'd rather so much of the story was not muffled for so long because women were bullied into silence in exchange for money.

I'd rather not be anxious that a sexual witch hunt is likely to follow in which men are judged guilty without any presumption of innocence, just because they are men. Maybe it's due to my long experience of political extremism that I suspect such a thing is already on the way.

But this is how the story breaks. And let it keep breaking. Let the chips fall where they may.

What's happening is transformative. We're not at the end of it yet, but when we are, things won't be the same, for the best.

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