Friday, October 27, 2017

cancer gets me up in the morning

cancer gets me up in the morning
cancer brings me to unaccustomed places
where i talk to haughty but dedicated doctors
and smart sometimes absurdly foxy nurses

cancer is travel and new venues
cancer is meet and greet
cancer is hospital
cancer is invitation to biology
and how all these tests
ct-scans mris pet scans
do their thing

as my mri tech said
there's a lot of physics involved

he was a smart guy
from china
who'd been an architect
then a software engineer

and is now an mri pro
whose exact title i forget

have you ever had an mri?
makes the sound of a
rock concert seem muted
led zeppelin wouldn't be heard over an mri

there's this pulsing between the magnets and the electricity
maxwell's equations in hi decibel action
that is dreadful
unless you are a fan of weird electronic music

i asked feng the mri tech
do you like electronic music
but not like that! that's horrible!

feng is entitled to his opinion

getting back to tests
to scanning
espec pet scans
pet short for
position emission tomography

i am left wondering about what positrons
(the anti-matter version of the electron)

can tell the doctors and the nurses
about cancer
my cancer
my wakeup
squamous cell cancer

and intend to look into this

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