Thursday, October 26, 2017

Bannonism . . .

We’ve enjoyed calling Trump a fascist. And he has all the reptilian reflexes, plus the innate grasp of a debased and compliant media that goes with the calling. But reflexes aren't enough; fascism takes brains too, a conception, an ideology, a vision -- however foul.

Bannon brings that to this rolling coup; he brings ideas. Remember that it was Bannon, above all, who crafted the Trump candidacy.

That Bannon is no longer in the WH only empowers him, giving him full leeway to shape the Republican Party into a vehicle for right-wing nationalism, as racist and bellicose as it needs to be.

(Bannon bridles at little wars, that benefit his base not at all. He's right when he calls Bush the worst ever, and tags him for Iraq. Bannon has bigger fish to fry, aims at bigger geopolitical confrontations. Bannon is going after China.)

Maybe this will all blow over and be remembered as a strange glitch in American history before some sort of regression to a democratic norm. Maybe. But I think what's taking shape is a genuine long-term, American style fascist-type threat.

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