Friday, October 13, 2017

10,000 year old Scotch

10,000 year old Scotch
So after a fulfilling week as president, in which he kicked the supports out from under the Affordable Care Act, raised the chances of military confrontation with Iran, insulted Puerto Rico, and groped Rose McGowan — no, this just in, that was the other (chazar) pig in the news — Trump heads out to a golf course for some much deserved R&R

On the way out, he takes a call from Stephen Bannon, who's gushing.

- Mr. President, I thought you were slowing down but no, you're ruining things faster than I thought possible. The fact that you're old and fat and, let's face it, stupid doesn't bother you at all.

- No! Stupid doesn't bother me. Without tons of stupid, where would I be?

You watch, Bannon. After a bit of golf, just a bit, many steaks and some shots from my private barrel of 10,000 year old Scotch, I'll be back to bust more stuff up. Did you think I forgot about that Korean pudge ball, that cock-eyed dumpling? You wait, I'm going to turn him into kim chi.

- Surprised you know about that Korean delicacy. I thought you were strictly a steak, potatoes, and Melania type of guy.

- Let's lay off the Melania stuff, ok? She's American sure, unlike most everyone in Havana. . .

- You mean San Juan. . .

- Yeah San Juan. But she also speaks Slavilckian. It's a strange tongue, and those people they have moods, they get moodlyy. You ever been around a Slavookian in a moodle?

- No Mr. President, but I'm sure you can handle it. And if you can save me a taste of that 10,000 year old Scotch, I'd be much obliged.

- Can't promise about the Scotch. It's rare. But ruination is sure my thing. And I am just getting the hang of it.

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