Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Though, in general, I have a low opinion of the American electorate esp. the Trump hardcore — the dumbest, angriest, most self-defeating of them all, nonetheless the driving force of change — it seems even it can rise to protest when the benefits allotted by Medicaid are being snatched away.

Hey, gummint, get your filthy hands off my Medicare!


I remember when NPR was covering Hurricane K. it tracked this one sorry guy who had lost it all in the flood but who was proud that at least he didn't take help from the gummint.

Yeah, 'cause that's the last thing you want to do, get any goddamn aid from your elected goddamn gommint.

Sure such gov't aid is conceived by whites further north than New Orleans as aid to blacks. Who wants to fund that?

But that ain't it.
ain't it at all.
Doesn't explain it.

That kind racism doesn't explain it.

Maybe gummint is resented among the white people of New Orleans and environs as conceived of as North defeating South and putting an end to secession.

Maybe all about secession. All about the Civil War. All about slavery.

Maybe this guy who'd rather drown in Katrina flood than accept gummint handout dreams dimly of himself and family back then owning some slaves. Or being allowed to.

Some slaves would be good. . .

Cool hypothesis. But that ain't it.

. . .

My dental hygienist today, an Ethiopian by birth, while expertly disimpacting my teeth, couldn't help commenting on the NPR broadcast in the background, and murmuring she believes in God and religion and everything but this is awful.

Is God against science?

God doesn't care about the environment? God never heard of climate change?

She said all this Trump stuff is so stupid.

Not about issues. Not about this or that.

Just stupid. Just plain dumb.

You can argue and win about this issue or that, sometime. But then there is the peculiarly American strain of sheer stupidity, that is multi-resistant

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