Friday, May 5, 2017

Thank You Paul Krugman

It turns me on that Paul Krugman says the following in his most recent NY Times op-ed ("What's the Matter With Europe?" 5/5/17):

On Sunday France will hold its presidential runoff. Most observers expect Emmanuel Macron, a centrist, to defeat Marine Le Pen, the white nationalist -- please, let's stop dignifying this stuff by calling it "populism."

Thank you Paul Krugman for refusing to cede without  argument the term "populism" to what may be a noxious mix of revanchism, racism, misbegotten protectionism, misogyny, woeful ignorance, and yes, rank nationalism. I said, may be. But thank you Paul Krugman for bringing it up.

And thank you NY Times for continuing to give the invaluable Paul Krugman his platform. I know that many people think the Times putting climate change denier/doubter Bret Stephens on the editorial page is a shame. About that, I agree. But some go on from there to assert the entire Times editorial page is a sham.

How ignorant, silly and wrong.

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