Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Against Impeachment.

About Trump being impeached, let me say, strategically thinking, I'm opposed. Let's keep Dumpf where he is, contending with his own shit and endlessly, helplessly generating more of it.

As he does so, he keeps the Republican agenda from going anywhere. Mitch McConnell, without criticizing Dumptruck, did get so far as to say he would like there to be less melodrama in the White House, so he and fellow vulture Paul Ryan can get to their agenda — slashing healthcare, promoting tax cuts for the very rich, gutting whatever is left to gut about the EPA, attacking abortion rights, rending Medicare & Medicaid — all that stuff they are wed to.

Me, I prefer the melodrama. Let's keep Dirty Donald around long as we can.

He's the best thing that ever happened to those of us who despise him.

I want him to be ever more impeachable but never impeached.

Keep Dirty Donald in office!

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