Thursday, April 20, 2017


So let me get this Brexit story straight: Conservative PM David Cameron, for (un)reasons of his own, foists a referendum on staying in the EU on the wool-gathering, ale-swilling British populace. Cameron was for REMAIN. REMAIN went down to defeat. LEAVE kicked ass. Cameron, personally, therefore, had to LEAVE, and doesn't seem to be terribly missed. (Perhaps he's removed himself to Paris.)

London ex-mayor Boris Johnson, who had all along been vociferously for REMAIN, suddenly came out just as stridently for LEAVE. Johnson is a zany fellow, educated in the high patrician manner, who enjoyed bicycling around London spouting Virgil in Latin at innocent commoners no matter how fast they ran away. It was thought for a time that Johnson toggled from REMAIN to LEAVE in order to become PM. But no, it was nothing as comprehensible as that, nothing quite as sane. It seems he had been seized by the same spirit of mischief that dominates all concerned with BREXIT.

Time out: Did the likes of these chaps ever really rule an empire? Hard to believe, innit.

Now Theresa May takes over, hell-bent for getting BREXIT right, finished, over and done with. Except at the last minute she suddenly craves an election to fortify her for the task, that being England pushing off from Europe, Scotland pushing off from England, borders mounted between Ireland and the rest. In short, a massive devolution, a great deal of unnecessary nonsense, what Simon Schama has called "The greatest act of unforced national self-harm yet known in modern history."

Perhaps May has cold feet, and hopes for an uprising against the folly of LEAVE, maybe even necessitating referendum 2.0, will stay her hand. Perhaps she prays nightly for the spirit of Winston Churchill to descend on and guide her but is troubled to find only that of Monty Python.

As for Jeremy Corbyn, hierophant of the Labor Party, he has his own nonsenicals to deal with, such as which is the better expression of anti-imperialism, Hamas or Hezbollah.

What do you think? Tough one, innit?
Hezbollah, Hamas, take your pick.

But who am I to scoff? I'm an American citizen and my detestable president roars and tweets about sending an aircraft carrier toward N. Korea, in order to settle the irascible Kim Jong-un down. Turns out, the USS Carl Vinson was going the other way, steaming toward Australia. But what has Australia done to attract such attention?

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