Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Settlement Tomatoes, Hilltop Olives . . .

I know, we've got enough problems with Rumpus, so who has energy for his Israeli buddy, Netanyahu?

Author and Forward columnist Peter Beinart does. I like what he says about Israel's new law banning entry to:

any person "who knowingly issues a public call for boycotting Israel" or any territory "under Israeli control," which includes settlements in the West Bank. 

That might exclude me from entering Eretz. For though I completely believe in Israel's right to exist, I do not believe even a little in its right to seize and settle on West Bank land just as much as its expansionists, drunk on fantasies about Biblical Judea and Samaria, would like. In fact, were there a sane way to boycott just settler products — I'm not sure there is — I'd subscribe.

So, I can see myself landing in Ben Gurion Airport, ready for my first visit in quite some time, eager to see if I can get in a little Yiddish to compensate my nonexistent Hebrew, and being told if I refuse to buy hilltop olives or Area C oranges, I will not be allowed to get a tan in Eilat.

I think Beinart is on target when he suggests that though this law is meant to defend Israel against initiatives by the BDS/JVP movement to isolate, starve and subvert it as a Jewish State,  it will in fact do the opposite, deepening the wedge between Diaspora Jews   and Israeli hardliners. The effort to keep Israel from being isolated it will further isolate it.

I wonder if I'd be allowed to make Aliyah to Eretz Yisroel. As a Jew I'd be allowed to, as all Jews are. But maybe not as Jew who will refuse on principle to savor settlement tomatoes, delicious as I've heard they are?

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