Friday, January 20, 2017

Trump Day

As to all the arguments, put forward blandly on NPR and elsewhere, by guests or call-ins, about giving Trump a chance, seems to me he's had plenty of chances, and is consistent only in using them all disgracefully.

Not to be churlish or to splutter — does spluttering convince anybody? — but we're supposed to forget Trump's sick racist Obama birtherism? It never happened? His pussy grabbing? His sliming John McCain for being the wrong kind of fighter, the kind who gets captured? His sliming Hillary for all the kinds of things he, not she, is guilty of — thievery, fake philanthropy?

Forget his phantasmagoric nonsense — the Muslims in New Jersey who cheered on 9/11?

And, as President elect, with no official mileage yet under his belt, for goading China, and thereby bringing really big war much closer?

What kind of chance are we supposed to give this power-hungry megalomaniacal thief?

Besides what I'll call the ongoing dull wittedness of the American electorate — the oh let's give him a chance types — Trump has this advantage: he is exhausting, he taxes our linguistic and emotional ability to keep up and describe.


Tuned in briefly to a PBS Frontline about the Obama presidency, to the part where Obama

finally gets the news that the Republicans have only one unifying aim, only one politics, only one theme, and that is to defeat and negate everything he does, their only goal being total nullification.

In this segment, you see Obama, that preternaturally cool, professorial, intellectual fellow, steam, and barely contain his anger.

He gets there are no people across the aisle with whom to reconcile, only genuine enemies.

He gets that has long been the case, and that it's taken him a while to get it.


Fascism is not something you sign up for: there's no given doctrine. If you think there is, you miss that Fascism is dynamic, inventive, propulsive, new.

Every time it happens.

Trump didn't need to study Mein Kampf to grasp the power of Hitler's emphasis on lies reinforced by more lies ad infinitum.

In any case, Trump doesn't read books and Hitler is no easy read.

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  1. Yep. Goodonya. Insofar as mere words can express the horror, not just for America but for every country whose dysfuncts will feel empowered