Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Thank You Thank You Seven of Nine

Remember Seven of Nine? Sure you do, if you watched Star Trek. Seven of Nine was the charismatic Borg played by Jeri Ryan. Turns out Ryan has a leading role on the current, quite good Netflix series "Bosch," where, inevitably, she's quite a presence.

Seeing her on "Bosch" made me want a bit of background. I don't understand why what I tumbled upon hasn't been a headline, or perhaps I missed it.

What I found is that in a sense Seven of Nine is the Borg behind a President Obama.

Jeri Ryan was born in Germany (1960), nee Jeri Lynn Zimmerman, her father a sergeant in the American army, her mother a social worker. In the United States, she gets a fairly successful career in acting going, and winds up married to a rich, rightwing banker named Jack Ryan, from 1994 to their divorce in 1997.

The grounds for the divorce are initially under seal. But it leaks that she wanted out because Jack wanted "her to perform sexual acts with him in public, and in sex clubs in New York, New Orleans, and Paris." According to the wiki,  she "described one as a bizarre club with cages, whips, and other apparatus hanging from the ceiling."

Too much for this Borg.

Ryan wanted to run for the Illinois Senate seat, then vacant. When the salacious material comes out, he drops out.

Barack Obama, unopposed, wins that Ohio Senate seat, which then serves as the stepping stone to his historic White House bid.

Thank you Jeri Ryan.
Thank you Seven of Nine.
Thank you Rodenderry.
And thank you, Barack Obama

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