Friday, November 11, 2016

Trigger Warning: Depressing Thought ahead

What if it isn't Hillary's fault
And neither Johnson's nor Stein's
(though I do not excuse them)

What if it had nothing to do
with the DNC squeezing Bernie
(much as it did) 

Nor even with the power of social media
to give voice to the worst
which it does

What if it isn't Comey's fault
(as it is to a degree)

What if
goddamn it
just what if
America just got the unspeakable government
it deserves?

What if. . .

What if America's the enemy

what if we just got invaded
by America

Depressing as it is
I'm not into hiding
from this thought

What if
we only win
when they fuck up
so bad
they need us

What if. . .

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