Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sex Sexism Sex

In neither case was it a power play -- neither male team had power over the female teams --  and in neither case direct harassment.

It was vulgar and sexist, and in my view ugly and wrong, but I'm not sure why these nonthreatening, if vulgar, private,  communications, are actionable.

Not looking to argue -- who me? -- but for some clarity, if any.

Are sexist comments -- comments focused on sexual attributes -- to be actionable? What if it turns out the respective female teams had their own private commentaries going?

If you doubt that's possible you're not living in the twenty-first century.

But if it were the case, should proof be found, should the female teams be suspended, too?

And how about sex itself, all sex, not only sexist sex, whatever that means: should it be abolished too?

I said I'm not looking for an argument -- who me? -- but suspect I am inviting one. Still, I'm still willing to stand down, be reoriented, if I get any kind of clarification.

From where I sit right now, it seems like a question of social media and its evocative but porous potential as much as it does a question of sexual conduct.


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