Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I'm From Massachusetts

and, in particular, from Cambridge:

Nearly 75 percent of all registered voters in Cambridge cast their ballots in this year's election. . .

Despite a shocking upset on the national level, Republican candidate Donald Trump's campaign was a bust here in Cambridge, pulling in just 3,262, or 6.39 percent, of the votes. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton earned 44,835, or 87.79 percent, of Cambridge's votes.

Cambridge residents contributed $1,670,514 to the two major party candidates for president with 98.8 percent of those donations going to Clinton.

Clinton's campaign garnered $1,650,903 in donations from 1,570 Cambridge residents from Jan. 1, 2015, through Sept. 30, 2016.

Only 23 Cambridge residents contributed to the campaign of Republican nominee Donald J. Trump. For every one Cantabrigian who donated to Trump's campaign, nearly 69 contributed to Clinton's.


  1. Blame is probably a counterproductive way to think about this. Sure, there's plenty of blame for everybody.

    But responsibility is probably a more useful category of thought. I was in Spain, I didn't spend October in Ohio or on the phone getting out the vote, and neither did you. You know that a lot of voters didn't vote like they should, we might could have made a difference. And now, who's going to fix this thing? You and I are also affirmatively responsible for that.

    Garrison Keillor had a piece in the Post based on the "don't blame me" idea; he went on to say that we now are "in the clear", I think he said. We're not. We now have a greater onus on us than before, even, to struggle for a decent society that just took a big hit.

    Best, Steve

    1. Steve, do you not recall the Don't Blame Me I'm from Massachusetts stickers that broke out in '72? Merely alluding to that. Needed a smile about something.

      As for distinguishing blame completely from responsibility, that's a deep one, and may have something to do with whether one prefers six syllable Latinate constructions to monosyllables.