Monday, November 28, 2016

Celebrity Apprentice

I can't stand thinking about this. And can't tear my eyes away. . .

Now Trump, once again, is a creature of his raging twitter feeds, where he can lash out in short bursts, as he pleases, a la campaign mode. No one there to teleprompt him, to say, speak slowly now Donald, don't scare them, save the scary for tweets. Twitter gives voice to his madness. And who, now that he is president, has the authority, to take twitter away from him? 

WW III, a la Trump, is always but a tweet away.  And who, now that he is president, has the authority to take the nuclear codes from him?

I think that for a moment — no longer, now that Hillary is joining in Stein's challenge to elections results — Trump did in fact feel a bit of human kindness for this bedraggled Clinton. A condescending, pitying kind of kindness. He said he didn't want to hurt the Clintons and that Hillary had been through a lot, and therefore he wouldn't move on his campaign pledge of prosecuting her.

Sweet guy. Deranged dangerous nut case, but sweet. . .

Trump's approach to the beaten and bedraggled Hillary maps well to his behavior toward the has-beens, losers, buffoons, and second rate performers, he picked to be on the Celebrity Apprentice

For instance:

Stephen Baldwin (third tier, low caste Baldwin brother),

Rod Blagojevich (ex governor of Illinois, now federal inmate),

Andrew Dice Clay (referred to by the Wiki as "a brash, macho, and offensive persona")

Trump now dreams of bringing the Celebrity Apprentice back, and with it, Hillary as star apprentice.

What will the task be that he assigns Hillary, and whomever else, on this reborn Celebrity Apprentice?

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