Thursday, October 27, 2016

See you a Hirst, raise you a Princess Di

Does anyone watch Black Mirror, now streaming on Netflix?

I've only watched the first, which was captivating. Gruesome and funny. So very Brit.

There's an artist who has captured a Brit princess (a Di type) and will kill her unless the Prime Minister fucks a pig on camera.

A grunting pig. Eating slops.

Will he or not? What do  the polls tell him to do?

Is it funny? Very very. And macabre, with references to an art world that enshrines the likes of Damien Hirst, which features flies being born out of carcasses that devour the meat until hitting fly paper; which features skulls made of diamond. Etc. Which features disintegrating sharks.

True, Hirst has never transgressed this far, never mutilated — or pretended to have mutilated — a human, as depicted, much less a Di.

Bet it occurred to him, though.

My problem with Black Mirror is I am captivated enough to binge.

Netflix has put the first three seasons on all at once.

Or maybe it was Damien Hirst.

Or maybe streaming television has gone one step better, turning Hirst and his hot art world stratagems into pawn in the streaming game.

As in: See you a Hirst, raise you a Princess Di.

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