Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Rings, rings of power . . .

Interesting that Trump is turning his endless, sweeping, lunatic wrath on the likes of Ryan.

Cruz bowed down, or, if you will, kissed the Ring.

Christie wants in and has lowered his considerable girth — aka big fat ass — enough to enact the kiss of obeisance. (If the punishment fits the crime this crimeball of a NJ governor will be run over in the left lane of the GW Bridge — on some TV show. It's bound to happen. Law & Order, Blacklist, the plot is coming together.)

Giuliani, well, it's hard to describe how loathsome he has become, not that he was much less loathsome before, before he, too, knelt before the one Ring.

Question: Don't these assholes read about rings? The prehistory?

There is, for example, the Lord of the Rings. Many have heard of it. In it, The One Ring is finally reduced to atoms in Mount Doom, and with it, all those who had succumbed to its power.

They wander witless in the world.

Wagner takes up the theme of the Rings in his Nibelung saga. To summarize, all the complexities detailed in the Wagnerian ring cycle, which I won't trouble to summarize here, since the story extends over four long operas, have to do craving for a Ring, Ring of power.

Rings, rings, rings.

Rings of power,
Iphone rings,
Rhine maidens,

Ryan hasn't thoroughly bowed down. His approach to the Trumpian Ring of Power can be compared to a checked swing. Did the batter follow through or didn't he?

Ryan, Ryan, which side is he on?

He reminds me of Gollum. . . who, miscreant that he was, had some use in destroying the Ring, that One Ring of Power.

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