Thursday, October 13, 2016

No Demons . . . they don't exist . . .

Trump is tearing himself apart. Much as I despise him and heartily wish his ruin, it's not a comforting sight. It's crazy and, why not admit it, a little frightening. As in, something terrible is about to happen, something you might want to shield your children or grandchildren from.

Someone walks down the street, rants, and pulls his hair out. Though that person is not disheveled, not homeless, not drunk, and is, on the contrary well-attired, and maybe very expensively stoned, you avert your gaze.

We don't believe in demons. Good thing, since there are none, in the supernatural sense. But this person looks and acts possessed.

We'd prefer to look away. But he makes too much noise, is too threatening, and we can't.

Just what crazy person wants, what the sanity just below his insanity dictates.

We cannot look away.

Better this person tear himself to bits than the United States and the world, that being his only agenda.

I'd prefer to stand down from the demonology hypothesis, tempting to revert to as it is, and think of him as an IED in human form — humaniform, the technical term — rather than as a demon. Since I don't believe in demons.

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