Saturday, October 8, 2016

Monsters are real — and human.

I'd like to praise Donald Trump for, despite himself, exposing deep rifts in this country better than any other candidate. Before you call me an apologist, let me say I am a Trump detester of inordinate degree. And yet, it must be granted that inadvertently Trump has done much better than Sanders, for example, at pointing to genuine problems of our culture and economic system.

In re his tax returns, Trump showed if you got a billion to lose, lose it the right way and you've just bought eternal immunity from the tax man. Death and taxes. Death may in the end obtain but in the interim he at least neutralized taxes.

Sure, many of us suspected something of that order might obtain, but who knew the details. So thank you Donald, for making it plain to see, and, for outing yourself and the schemas beloved of your kind.

As for Trump's habit of p***y fondling anyone deemed hot enough, tell me, what exposes sexual harassment better than his conduct?

Thank you, Donald, for exposing misogyny.

He said that if you're a star, like him, you can do anything, even force yourself on woman. This is the man who said he could walk into Times Square, shoot someone, and they'd still love him.

Last point for now: on CNN yesterday, (10/7/16) Trump doubled down on the full page advertisement he took in the NY Times in May, 1989. He was calling, in that ad, for a return of the death penalty to New York; that was the only thing that might deter the likes of those five black kids who attacked, raped, and viciously mauled a female jogger.

Except they didn't. True, those kids were convicted and served time. Turned out they were innocent, those confessions forced. Eventually, a convicted felon— someone whose DNA matched what was found in the crime scene — confessed.

The Central Park 5 were freed. A good documentary was made about the event. NYC paid damages.

But Donald still thinks they were guilty.

This is not a candidate. This is a monster.

The word "monster" comes from the Latin monstrance, to show something.

Trump does that that. He shows us a lot about ourselves.

There have always been monsters. Only religion, with its penchant for the supernatural, says they must be inhuman. Not in this case.

I don't think Trump would so safe walking into Times Square today, even if he didn't shoot someone.

The monster alert is out.

PS I don't think Trump should drop out. He should be knocked out, for all to see.


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