Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Internet of Things = Monster of Things

The IoT — Internet of Things — such a groovy concept, where all these things, objects equipped with microchips — toasters, baby monitors, refrigerators, smart  phones, synthesizers — are equipped with a certain particle of sentience, and communicate with each other, sparing us some bother. For example, your refrigerator burps it's out of eggs. . . nice to know, no? Maybe even the toilet paper gets a beep. Don't want to run out of that, do you?

Except, as the recent attack on Dyn DNS demonstrated, there's a monster brewing in the IoT, and this attack, which took out swathes of the internet, was a baby monster on trading wheels.

What can you do? Not sure. 

We, here, are going change our router password. The program responsible for the attack — Mirai — tries to get control of all our useful, innocent devices, connect them, and turn them against the Internet itself, by working with simple, off the shelf passwords. 

Can't hurt to make the monster's work more difficult.

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