Friday, September 30, 2016

Lunatic for president . . .

This was what Howard Dean tweeted about Trump's behavior during the debate:

Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?

To this Dean added: “People who stay up at 3:00 and 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning tweeting about sex tapes, these are not normal people. There is something the matter with him, and I don’t know what it is.”

We're running out of words for Trump. He exhausts the vocabulary of sane, civil denunciation, however extreme.

It's hard to describe his fixation on Alicia Machada without resorting to vulgarity.

When I heard him double down about her, on FOX,  without even being prompted or asked, the word that popped into my mind was just this: "lunatic."

As for democracy, he damages it in two ways. He attacks the free press, women, immigrants, the disabled etc.. All that is abundantly obvious.

But there's another way, namely that he implants an anti-democratic thought when many of us are compelled, despite ourselves, to consider that no matter what happens on Nov. 8, this man cannot be president of the United States.

I voted against Goldwater in 1964 but never doubted that if he won, he won.

I voted similarly against Reagan but never doubted his right to be president.

GW Bush was a horror show both times. But he didn't push me to the place I am in now.

Let me make it clear that I'm not planning and would oppose anything seditious. I'll stand by the electoral college. I'm just saying out loud what so many feel, from big shots in the Pentagon, through the CIA, onto CEOs and all sorts of Republican would-be loyalists, from paleo- to neo-con: the common sentiment is simply that Trump cannot, really cannot, be president.

Goddamn Trump.

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