Monday, August 1, 2016

Omarosa, Trump...

Has the dial in the juggernaut Trump campaign slipped from blow-them-all-up to self-destruct? Is it plowing through the guardrails? Is there a satisfying CGI-type all-consuming firestorm ahead, you know, the kind where flailing survivors run fast as they can from the explosion right behind them?

One can hope. There are signs.

Trump's hideous attack on Gold Star mother and father Ghazala and Khizr Khan is not doing him any good. Even he, who knows next to nothing and delights in that condition, might have picked up on that.

John McCain, who pipped barely a squeak when Trump insulted him personally as the kind of soldier he didn't like, the kind who got captured, the loser, denounced Trump — sort of, softly, almost so you wouldn't know it. His statement included the following: "I claim no moral superiority over Donald Trump."

How not? Huh? Too bad you don't claim moral superiority over Trump. Is it like this: the North Vietnamese imprisoned and tortured you for years, so what can Donald Trump do to compare? Compared to the N. Vietnamese, can Donald break you?

Can he get you to say, Republican that I am, I withdraw my endorsement!

Get you to say: Don't vote for him! To give this shit control over the greatest armament, the most massive assortment of WMDs the world has ever known, is nuts! Don't!

Because what do you or the likes of Paul Ryan fear more, what's more important, nuclear Holocaust, or Hillary Clinton filling Supreme Court vacancies, Armageddon or Roe v. Wade?

Your timidity and pip squeakiness speak volumes for you.

Let history judge you and your kind, assuming Trump doesn't win and blow the world up; assuming, that is, we get the benefit of a little more history.

All that in its way is trivial compared to a sign that Trump is running on and out of fumes.

He appointed Omarosa Manigault as head of his campaign's African-American Outreach initiative.

Do you remember Omarosa from The Apprentice? I do. Used to watch, before Trump became the overriding candidate of doom, chaos, war, and death. Before that, she was the apprentice from hell, breaking every commitment she made, a scheming dominatrix of sorts, but always subservient, to her lord and master, The Donald, always slipping off submissively when she was fired, which she was three times from versions of The Apprentice. Cause she couldn't do anything right. Could insult, taunt, bully, threaten to slug it out but then not carry out a single simple task.

Remind you of anybody?

What I like about Omarosa being named head of Trump's African-American Outreach initiative is, well, that it's funny, it gives me a chuckle, and then that it brings Trump back to his roots in reality tube, where I hope he will crash and burn.

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