Thursday, August 18, 2016

Nonsense & Consequence

Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for Prez, the nonsense candidate in my view, natters on about giving due consideration to the crackpot and hurtful ant-vaccine movement. Because though every study finds otherwise, she's willing to say, well maybe.

Her pick for Green Party veep, Ajamu Baraka, keeps calling President Obama an Uncle Tom, and Cornel West, not much better. And Stein sees nothing wrong with Baraka, given her long association with him, and her appreciation of his deep commitment  for social change.

Among Baraka's opinions, you will find this, a quote from one of his lunatic Counterpunch pieces, Counterpunch being the rag which preserves various sorts of zombie leftism much as the CDS preserves strains of pox.

After three years of unimaginable atrocities fomented by a demented and dying U.S. empire, with the assistance of the royalist monarchies of the Middle East and the gangster states of NATO, the Syrian people demonstrated, by their participation [in a rigged election], that they had not surrendered their national sovereignty to the geo-strategic interests of the U.S. and its colonial allies in Europe and Israel.

Was it Baraka, or some other fraud I heard on radio — "Democracy Radio" at its nadir —describing the Sunni/Shiite split as having been created by the United States?

In any case, some people want Stein on the stage with Clinton and Trump when they debate.

There will crazy enough if Trump is onstage, if, that is, he doesn’t find an excuse to skip it.

Because,  It's all rigged. Hillary is infected with a super-Zika, a Zorro virus; it's airborne and I'm not going to stand around and get infected by a diseased Hillary.

My wall, my wall, just so you know, will be built with mosquito netting. Paid for by Muslims and Mexicans.

Nader, at least, had some brains, and some good work before his candidacy. Stein? Nah, not so much.

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