Friday, July 22, 2016

Laura Ingraham's salute and the Quenelle

  The Laura Ingraham salute near end of the RNC: 

Reminds me of the quenelle, the salute popularized by French comedian cum noxious anti-Semite Dieudonné.

The quenelle depicts an arm delayed or arrested as it a about to rise, into what would be a full fascist salute. In itself the quenelle is only an awkward gesture, neither a Nazi or fascist salute. Its power comes from what it would signify if it went all the way, from what it references.

A lot of the new anti-Semitism references anti-Semitism, without necessarily coming out openly, though some does.

There's neo-anti-Semitism and paleo-anti-Semitism. Throw in various sorts of anti-Zionism and naturally it gets confusing.

Until someone can show me otherwise, I think Ingraham innocent of both paleo- and neo-Semitism. 

I prefer to think she was just showing of her triceps.


  1. very charitable. but if everything happens for a reason, most things happen for a few.

    1. Really? A great number of things happen for no reason, or at random. And then there are the multitude of things that never happen, though some swear they do.