Monday, July 11, 2016

Donald's Deranged

Donald's deranged. Alas, that for many, is the source of his appeal.

I'm aware of the numerous differences and the number of tiresome comparisons but the last truly and fully deranged leader I can think of in the Western world happens to be Hitler.

He was a man of many fantasies and delusions. And believed them strongly. His utter madness was his strength. His ability to propound it made converts.

A certain sort of craziness makes crazy seems sane, and everything else otherwise.

Please don't remind me that the United States circa 2016 is very different than Weimer Germany circa 1933, when Hitler came to power.

I get that.

But I'll say if Trump is elected in November the gap between Weimar 1933 and the United States 2016 will narrow more rapidly than you dare to think.

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