Saturday, July 30, 2016

Daring His Opponents.

At this point, Trump is daring all his opponents. Taunting them. Basic schoolyard shit: nyah nyah na nya ya. I stole your ball, that cheap pink ball, threw it under that bus. Whatcha gonna do about it?

I can do anything say anything I want. I can punch somebody, step out and shoot somebody, anybody, they'd still love me. Why? because I'm me. Who I am.

Rich. A winner. A leader.

Married to Melania. Wouldn't you like to be married to Melania? C'mon, I guarantee it, who wouldn't like to be married to Melania?

If you wouldn't like to married to Melania, my ushers will escort you out right now. Maybe a little waterboarding would make you want to be married to Melania. Right? Even for one night!

A leader. What you need.

I could wear a swastika, put on a Hitler mustache. It might bother some of you for a awhile — would definitely bother Bloomberg, little Michael, shrimp billionaire — but it wouldn't bother you for long.

You'd know I was only kidding.

And you'd know I wasn't.

That's what you love about me. That part. Let's cut the crap. I'm not kidding at all.

I mean every bit of it. Every bit of me.

You love it.

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