Friday, July 8, 2016


Cops killing/murdering blacks (and not only blacks)? We've seen too much of that, and video cameras help fill in the blanks.

But Dallas was just a bit different. 

Micah Johnson, the sharpshooter, army-trained, was black.

It was different, too, in that his victims — cops — were armed. (Don't know if any were black. Were they? I think that race mattered less to this particular psychopath than uniform.)

But so much, again, for the NRA's line that the more guns the more better.

Clearly, the more guns, the more murders, of every and any sort.

Beyond that, don't understand why Dallas police chose to blow him up. Maybe there was a good reason. From here, doesn't seem so. They could have, if nothing else, waited him out. Waited until he exhausted his ammunition. Starved him out. If he's caught he could answer questions about why, about who else, if anyone.

But no. He'd killed cops. And so it was that — not justice, no rule of law — his time had come.

Plus a chance to use this groovy new gadget, in effect an armed land-drone.

Blow his ass up.


  1. maybe wait and see what the police chief says... he has been eloquent and thoughtful

  2. I am waiting. In the interim, I voice my suspicions, based on what I know of police behavior, esp. if one of their own goes down. And in this case there were how many?