Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Spite doesn't make right

My impression is that Sanders may, far from certainly, have been the better Dem candidate. I would certainly have supported him though I found many of his aims chimerical at best, e.g. universal health care. Yes, in principle. Tear away the Affordable Care Act to get at it?


That said, the idealistic, somewhat intellectually sclerotic Sanders is not going to be the candidate.

Don't blame me, or Paul Krugman. Blame caucuses, primaries, the whole process. Blame money, peace, war, voting.

Clinton will be the candidate

And anyone who holds to the belief that Clinton is equal to or worse than Trump is suffering from what I like to call "spite makes right" syndrome.

Or, simply, Naderism.

My doubts about a Clinton presidency are profound, unlike my feelings about the national and geopolitical disasters of a Trump presidency, which present themselves as absolutes.

Maybe it's not just younguns who go for Sanders to the degree of not voting for a Clinton. I know others of our, that is my, chronological ilk who feel the same.

My private assumption is that they suspect they will never have to live through the havoc of a Trump presidency, so why not go out with a big fat utopian bang.

I had my big fat utopian bang earlier on.

Sanders has improved Clinton and with her the Dem party. His legacy will hinge on how well, how earnestly, he unites with her to defeat Trump.

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