Friday, May 20, 2016

Trump virus . . .

If spreading stupidity is Trump's goal, it's definitely working. Forget Zika Virus. Think Trump Virus, as it shrinks not only newbie but fully mature minds and brains.

I know a highly accomplished and intelligent Sandernista who tells me she's convinced Hillary is more militarist than Trump would ever be.


It wouldn't matter to this person that Trump has already deemed the crash of the French jet a definite act of terrorism, which, at this writing, it may or may not be. And that therefore Trump is justifiably committed to boots on the ground. . . somewhere/anywhere/everywhere.

(Trump makes deals, right? Consider the deal he's got going with boot makers.)

I don't like mosquitoes. One reason I no longer jump up and down for June and July is the flying things that love to bite, and that happen to find find me very tasty.

But truth is, the brain shrinking virus spread by Trump scares me more, at this point, than disease by mosquito.

Trump Virus feeds on the best of brains.

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