Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Smith Program

First they came for the jugglers.

Another sweep for the clowns.

They came back for the acrobats.
Then banished the drummers. 

They took a little time off then came for the trees
pulled 'em right up

Then came for the chess players who usually blossom around now, in May, coming out of winter slowdown, feeling a fresh surge of pawns, a new confidence in openings and end games, creating a scene, gathering tourists and passersby and hardcore masters not to mention the occasional xiangqi or weiqi player, making Cambridge something like a real place.

They pulverized the stone chess tables.

They demolished trees and games in one fell swoop.

Now Holyoke Center is just a memory. It has been renamed Smith Campus Center.  

Smith, Smith, Smith. . . where have I heard that name before? Ah, the Smith Program, the thing that took over in The Matrix, generating AGENTS?

The Smith Program came for Harvard University — and got it.

Nary any resistance. No NEO, no ONE.

Not yet.

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