Thursday, May 19, 2016

Paglia the untreasure

This is a weird time politically. People who are an inch from complete agreement wind up disagreeing by miles. Were I a Freudian, I'd call it the narcissism of small differences. Since I'm not a Freudian, I'll settle for saying that politics can so easily bring out the accusative and dogmatic worst in us. Why? Because as Carl von Klutzywankputz spelled out in his famous tome, politics is just war by other means.  Politics is toddler war, war that can't yet correctly pronounce its name. And despite all the peacenik appearances, many of us prefer an anthem, a marching song, and a  battle slogan to a real idea.

At least, to provide some comic relief, we can always turn to Camille Paglia. The United States doesn't denominate cultural figures as "National Treasures" as Japan does some of its artists, writers and go masters.

In any case, I'm less interested in the National Treasure than in its opposite, the Untreasure. And I'd argue Camille Paglia fits that bill.

In her latest outburst for — whose editors treat her as the second coming of, well, coming — she writes, returning to the motif of Trump as ravishing Viking she announced in a previous outburst, that in one photo she's fond of she espies:

The hovering Trump, bedecked with the phallic tongue of a violet Celtic floral tie. . . in Viking mode, looking like a triumphant dragon on the thrusting prow of a long boat. “To the victor belong the spoils!” I said to myself in admiration, as seductive images from Babylon to Paris flashed through my mind.

She's an untreasure of high degree, of truly Trumpian proportions, and, since she's not running for high office, worth keeping around.

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