Monday, May 16, 2016


I share the reservations many Sandernistas or quasi-Sandernistas have about Hillary, but these qualms are nothing as compared to my fear and detestation of Trump.

If Hillary becomes the Democratic candidate, as seems close to if not quite inevitable at this point, I think it might be time to chill out a bit on the pessimism and, yes, defeatism.

(As NPR reported today, one reason Sanders looks good in Sanders v. Trump polls, is that Republicans have held off on targeting  Sanders; they like him going after Hillary, and want to keep that going. I think that if he were the candidate, which he won't be, the GOP will identify him with Communism. Remember Communism? Americans don't like Communism, does we? And that's just for starters. Bernie's just not the immaculate Trump killer many of us like to pretend he might be.)

So, reservations and all, I'm prepared to cheer Hillary Clinton on.

She's flawed, yes, and I'm not about to forget that. But Trump, on the other hand, is a threat to democratic life and limb. To put it another way, she might be compromised or defective but Trump is just plain WACKO.

All moaning and groaning aside, it's been a long time, if ever, since there's been a clearer choice.

I, personally, remember Goldwater v. LBJ.

This is even easier. (And, while I'm at it, HRC is far less likely to destroy genuinely liberal Great Society accomplishments LBJ brought to pass with the kind of genocidal war he kept on pursuing.)

Go Hillary.

She'll be blamed for Bill's womanizing, and for Benghazi. (She looked splendidly, even imperiously, bored during the BS of the Benghazi hearings.)

A bit of truth will undoubtedly get into an updated set of accusations but mostly it will be Whitewater all over again, what is aptly called in Yiddish GMG, gornisht mit gornisht, nothing with nothing.

Obama hadn't been around enough for them to cook up equivalent dreck about him. Well, except, for, he's not an American citizen, is he? Go Trump.

Hillary will occasion a rebirth, a crescendo of rightwing GMG.

I hope she goes negative on Trump fast. He won't release tax returns? This billionaire says without shame that he works hard to pay as little in taxes as possible? What an example to the working man/woman.

His history with women is coming to light as quasi if not criminally abusive?

He's already not on speaking terms with the Mayor of London and the Prime Minister of England?

Who cares; he does dig Putin, so that's something. And he either will or won't aid and abet South Korea and Japan in acquiring WMDs, depending on which side of the bed he wakes up on. (Melania/Melanoma do keep him down, apply all your arts but do keep him calm.)

It's good he keeps an open mind on these things, no?

And what was it he said about climate change? It's not a federal issue, it's up to the states to decide? (I made that one up, by which I mean he hasn't really said that — yet. . . that I know of.)

I've been voting in presidential elections since 1968.

There were many easy decisions to make in such elections but none easier than


Not a single one.

And yeah, I do like that a certain segment of the population might be voting with their vaginas.

I would be, too, if I had one.

It's time.

She's all right enough with me.

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