Thursday, May 26, 2016

Free the monster, set us free, free the monster in us all.

What's going on? They're all turning into monsters. The monstrous side, the monstrous tide in them, is coming to the fore.

I exclude Trump. He's been running as top of the monster ticket from the start: after all, there's nothing in the Constitution that specifically prevents monsters or ghouls from running for higher office; correct me if I'm wrong but being monster is not, per se, impeachable.
 Trump's supporters love him because they want to free the monster in themselves.

Why be scared, when it's so much better, so much more fun, to be scary?

Nothing opaque about Trump, tremble as you might and should at the thought of a beast of his caliber in the Oval Office, with the atomic football and all its codes in his lap and the ability and perhaps ambition to demote previous monsters — little Hitler, little Stalin — to nothing by comparison.

Well, I don't think he'd like to see Trump Towers go.

But what about the others, the good guys?

Why does Sanders seem to be coming into his own monsterhood as Clinton killer? And Clinton, must she always be weighed down by manacles, whether real or imagined? Is that the Clinton given?

Will her private email server ever go away? And her husband’s affairs? Did she, as Trump at his vilest — sorry, since for Trump, there is no "vilest" — contends, bully Bill's paramours out of speaking up?

I don't believe that, though many might.

It makes for a horror movie, which is what this election, like no other, whatever the consequences, resembles quite so much.

I don't like waking up to it in the morning. Going to sleep about it at night.

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