Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Don't write in Bernie Sanders . . .

There are Sandernistas, not all of them young or uneducated — some, far from — who detest and fear Clinton more than they do Trump, and who have committed themselves to writing "Bernie Sanders" on their ballots when Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate.

They are, some of them, hardcore, beyond argument. How many are in that zone I don't know.

For them, Clinton represents all the sins of capitalism, all the suffering inflicted on their families, all the rip-offs and displacements, going back generations. Their scream at Clinton is a scream at helplessness, poverty and pain.

This reaction drowns out Trump, who barely registers for them as the existential threat to us all that he is.

For them, Clinton is all that's gone wrong and all that's gone wrong matters more than what will go wrong  if there is such an abomination as a President Trump.

Bernie, if he wants to leave a positive legacy, and the kernel of a sane movement for social change, ought to address these supporters directly. He's said, and I believe sincerely, he doesn’t want to help elect Trump. Let him then make the case that to write in his name if Clinton is the candidate is a really bad idea.

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