Thursday, April 7, 2016

Paglia again yet again

Now comes Camille Paglia again to, as if we were longing for her latest outbursts.

I wrote a response to her last, remarkably awful book, "Glittering Images: A Journey Through Art from Egypt to Star Wars."

 The book itself is laughable when it's not boilerplate. Paglia crowns episode six of Star Wars the consummate art work of the late twentieth century. I'm sure in her visits with him, George Lucas was very nice to her. She likes being made nice to.

The give and take in the comments following my review remain engaging. Those who gorge on and revere her can't really say why. They just do.

In any event, her new nonsense for mostly refers back to all the sage things she's said in her early pieces. It's a bit like Mao quoting from his Little Red Book.

She'd like to be Mao, or, if not Mao, at least Madonna.

She'd craves celebrity, is famished for it.

But she's only Camille Paglia, who doesn't really know what she's about at all.

She favored Trump in earlier columns in this despicable series. Now she doesn't. Unless he's pitted against Hillary Clinton, who she favors even less.

She's an assassin at heart, but not sure who to assassinate. Everybody. Nobody. But never herself, the better target.

I wish would drop her, though it won't. I'd sign a petition.

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