Monday, April 18, 2016

NY primary


Hello NY friends and others on the eve of the NY primary.

As a New Yorker in exile, let me say there's a whole lot I don't trust about Hillary, that I, in fact, dread about her. But when it comes to brass tacks, as opposed to rhetoric, there's just as much I dread about Bernie.

Let's do Bernie about Israel: about Israel, Bernie, once and maybe in his dreams still a kibbutznik, said what Amos Oz, forever a kibbutznik and often my guide in these matters, might have said.

In effect, Bernie channeled Oz, as, in re the Gaza War, Israel has absolute right to self-defense, but under Netanyahu it goes too far, becomes punitive and cruel.

And Oz would have argued, further, that the West Bank cannot remain under Israeli control indefinitely, eaten away by Talmudnik Israelis who get off on thinking of it as Judea and Samaria, which it hasn't been for several millennia, along with Americans looking for the kinds of real estate opportunities no longer to be found in Brooklyn,  and eating away, all the time, at some of the best features of Israel itself, including, obviously, its democratic character.

But on the other hand, it's more than a mere gaff that Sanders in his interview with the Daily News editorial board, said Israeli forces killed 10,000 Palestinians during the Gaza War. If he's that bad with numbers, forget Israel, who can trust him with the economy?

I don't. I absolutely don't trust him about health care. Universal health care is a noble goal, and I'm completely for it, but if Sanders proposes to get there by tearing down Obama's hard won, still embattled Affordable Care Act then I hope I never have to refer to him as President Sanders.

I want to cite an op-ed by Deborah Lipstadt. I don't necessarily fully agree, but I respect her workb  she's, among other things, author of "The Eichmann Trial," the best book on the subject.

I'll admit this piece tips my balance, from undecided to decided, just enough decided to vote, were I there, for Clinton. Warily, yes. But a vote is a vote.

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