Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bernie & anti-Semitism

My thanks to Ivan for posting this:

What I found disturbing is not the brute anti-Semitism — Jews control everything, the banks, the media, etc.. The existence of such sentiments and beliefs should be regarded as a given, though they are not nearly as preponderant or lethal here in these United States as in other historical circumstances.

What's disturbing is Sanders's effort to deflect the discussion into a dialogue about  Israel and Palestinians.

But the remarks did not pertain to the Israel/Palestinian issue. They were directed at Jews, per se, here, there, anywhere.

They were directed at Bernie Sanders.

And Bernie didn't step up and say, wait, this is pure and simple anti-Semitism. I oppose it, and hope everyone in this audience does too.

He didn't say that.

He ducked. The bullet was aimed at him, Brooklyn Jew that he was, and he ducked.

The left generally prefers to duck issues of anti-Semitism, and divert toward deep discussion about Israel, as did Bernie.

As, in fact, do many Jews, leftist or not, who express themselves vicariously and passionately about the Middle East, but are pretty much inert or helpless when it comes to anti-Semitism in the "Diaspora" where they happen to live.

I support the existence of the State of Israel, but its existence and the complications with regard to it, have in many ways blinded or distracted the rest of us.

In some ways, and in some cases, we are more helpless than we were before there was an Eretz Israel.

Israel exists and yet so does anti-Semitism. It doesn't seem to go away. Sometimes we are dumbfounded, blinded and without response.

(Let me indulge the following fantasy. If, in response to the Jew-killing attacks in Paris, Netanyahu had not said, make aliyah, we love you, but instead, we'll arm you where you are, and send in elite Israeli fighters to train you, well, I would have quite enjoyed that response. The gap between Israel and Diaspora is too wide. Israel fights, rightly or wrongly, just the right amount or too much, whereas we, out here, mostly just argue about Israel.)

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