Thursday, March 17, 2016

Trump & J. Street.

AIPAC has invited Donald Trump to trumpet his Trumpism to it.

So should J. Street. 

Why should J. Street not invite him? Is he a dangerous if not deranged demagogue? Yes. But with regard to the Middle East he's said the sort of semi-sane things that infuriate neo-cons.

Trump thinks the United States should be a neutral arbiter in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Can you imagine how deeply the neo-con elite from Eliot Abrams on to Bill Kristol are offended by that?

Trump denounced the invasion of Iraq, on TV, in front of a Republican crowd.

Sanity can strike anywhere, even, it seems, among Republicans.

Why should J. Street not invite this possible President of the United States & engage him?

Lack of daring, is the reason, it seems to me.

J. Street should bring him on. And engage him.

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