Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Trump is on speed.

Only way to stop Trump is to identify, expose, and interrupt his access to speed.

Listening to him last night in his victory speech, it became absolutely obvious that I was listening to a speed rap. 

By speed, I mean dex or some other pure amphetamine. I include, too, stimulants like Ritalin & Adderall. And who knows, crystal meth.

No wonder he sleeps so little.

In his speed rap, he says what he wants, fast, damning Romney, belittling Cruz, pooh-poohing the charges against Trump University, boasting, talking about his wealth, boasting.

The fuck is on speed, lots of it, and really dangerous.

Hillary made some remarks about unity, bringing people together. She's a Dem practicing the usual, usually fatal, Democratic denialism. Trump isn't in denial. He wants power, and will roll right over her in debates.

Sanders, on the other hand, won't practice Dem denialism, won't be braying about unity. He's all about struggle and will not be bullied by  the Balrog.

I've been for Clinton. Think I still am. But I don't know. . .

Main point: find & expose his source of drugs.

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