Friday, March 4, 2016

Trump, Gerry Springer . . .

In the 1920s, with Hitler on the rise, Germany's communist party (KPD), at Stalin's behest, attacked the larger anti-Nazi  party (SPD), as "social fascist." Socialists were as much the enemy of Revolution as Nazis, and were in some ways worse, since they created illusions and obscured the stark, dialectic, dichotomy. 

Stalin gave up that bit of lunacy only when it was too late, and Germany's two leftwing parties, which together might, maybe, have stopped Hitler, were crushed.

The particulars, not least of all the stakes, of that disaster, of course, pertain to Germany and the world at that time. But I can't help thinking there might be a lesson there for those who prefer Bernie and declare they absolutely will not vote for Hillary.

Which, given the outlook, translates into a vote for Trump.

And who is Trump?

We can't be sure. Sometimes I daydream that he might implode, mentally. (I revert here to my theory of him as a borderline, willfully sleep-deprived, psychotic, a man in need of anti-psychotics and sedatives.)

Or that he might decide that since he's busted all the heads around him and is the last man standing in the bar, he's proven his point, so screw the agita.

Trump's advent and staying power have been surprises. I for one wouldn't be completely amazed if he had one surprise left: Fuck it and fuck you all!

If that happens, remember you heard it here.

But it won't. So it's necessary to think about what a Trump presidency would entail, as in an exuberant flourishing of racism, sexism, tyranny, and war.

As in George Wallace meets Dick Cheney.

I need to emphasis the militaristic, Cheney aspect, that Trump means war, the wherever and whomever yet but soon to be determined. Trump has brutally bullied his opponents off the debate stage and will go on in that manner on world stage.

Let me remark, parenthetically, that no one, when Hitler took power in 1933, foresaw World War II, though Hitler already stank of it, if you had a good nose.

Trump is not Hitler, and I know one is not supposed to make such analogies lightly, and yet there are parallels it's best not to ignore, including this one: abstaining from a vote for Hillary due to love of Bernie is nothing less than a vote for Trump.

On the other hand, this all could go away, this being America, as in blow over, be regarded by historians as naught but a Jerry Springer moment in our electoral process, his being a show that had high ratings for a time but then went south.

Maybe that's all it is, a Jerry Springer show. Springer, once a liberal democratic mayor of Cincinnati, then became the TV host who delighted in the release of racial and sexual tensions, in allowing fists to fly on stage, especially between blacks and whites. He said that he was giving his constituency access to the expression of hostility that the elites enjoyed only with the help of lawyers.

Trump reminds me of Springer.
With just a tad of Hitler.
Plenty George Wallace.
Lots and lots of Cheney.

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