Saturday, March 19, 2016

Trump, AIPAC, J. Street . . .

1) Trump will be appearing before AIPAC.

A walkout of rabbis is planned. They will hold some sort of prayer meeting, in opposition 

I approve the sentiment, but am not much into prayer meetings, prayerfulness, or, for the most part, mostly, rabbis.

I don't need rabbis to tell me about Trump. I really dislike the idea that rabbis are necessary.

Were I at the AIPAC gathering, I'd hope there were other secular Jews walking out, no rabbinical approval necessary.

But, speaking of secular Jews, I read that Bernie Sanders has declined the invitation to appear at AIPAC.

Let me opine that he's ducking. He's proved that he could talk and stand up to evangelicals, in his own voice, that of a secular Jew. But not, in the same voice, to AIPAC?
Ducking. He's a smart guy. But when it comes to Jews, Israel, Palestinians he has nothing to say? His social democratic views are parked at the door?

He prefers to be mute.

2) As noted, Trump will be appearing before AIPAC.

Why not invite him to J. Street?

J. Street won't, prefers to condemn Trump with principles from afar.

J. Street is missing an opportunity. If Trump appears, challenge him. If he refuses, that's news too.

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