Monday, March 14, 2016

Sandernista . . .

I'm not one of those Sandernistas who won't vote for Clinton. I'm not necessarily a Sandernista at all. Yeah, Bernie went to a high school in Brooklyn but not the one I went to, the one down the road, so I'm not indebted by nostalgia. Larry David went to the very high school I went to — along with Terri Gross and Rico Petrocelli — but his SNL jokes are increasingly & embarrassingly awful: "I used to be a poor schmuck. Now I'm a rich prick."

That's funny? There's humor there?
 What an asshole, this rich prick is when stepping out of character.

I'm definitely not a Clintonist.

I do not understand how she could have sd Nancy & Ron did great things during the AIDS epidemic. She was an adult, over her flirtation with the far right.

She apologized. But for what? Having holes in her head, craters in her integrity, assuming any in the first place? Maybe an aide wrote the nonsense about AIDS.

So is she, as one might suspect, a candidate by committee? (If so, she ought to hire a new one, a committee, that is, with brains included.)

Sanders, at any rate, isn't a candidate by committee. He's his own aspirant, for sure, with unquestioned idealism & integrity, but doubtful electability. (I think his ideas about single payer are admirable but as unattainable as the Committee of Clinton says it is.)

Meanwhile, seems like Trump is going to be *their* candidate. And the Rep Party will then throw billions behind him. Provided he behaves, no, even if he doesn't, though there may be some hold outs.

And he won't behave, can't. He's not in it to behave.

Whether or not he, himself, is a fascist — I doubt he knows much about the topic — Benito, George Wallace etc. — he's fanning the flames among his followers.

He's a DIY, only in America, fascistic thug.

He's as unexpected as Barack Obama — but way way way in the other direction.

Wish Clinton was more than nothing and Sanders less than everything. But I'll vote for either.

Naderism does not live on in me.

In other words, Clinton, moth-ridden as she is, does not equal Trump.

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