Sunday, March 6, 2016

Naderism, 2016

What I want to know is this, from all the earnest once or still Sanders supporters (not necessarily excluding myself): should Clinton become the Democratic nominee, as seems likely, will you then support her, as, I'm sure, Sanders himself unfailingly will? 

Or will you go the Nader route, declare Clinton no better than, say, Trump, and do your bit to bring on another disastrous right-wing presidency? And the war that, inevitably — bet on it — comes with.

To review: no Nader didn't on his own defeat Gore, though he tried, though he would have pulled the whole thing down around him, if he could.

Such a guy. (Such a Samson.)

Even Chomsky, who I will rarely cite in support of anything I have to say, opined that a small diff in the leadership of the superpower, as in Bush v. Gore, translates into a tremendous diff to the rest of the world.

Yes, Gore had responsibility for Gore losing. And then there was the Scalia Supreme Court. But not to forget Nader's contribution.

The result, in any case, was the superpower gone wild.

Whoever Hillary is, and whatever baggage she's got, and there's plenty, she's on the sane side of the political spectrum, Trump, Cruz, Rubio on the opposite side — nakedly racist, nativist, evangelical, militarist.

They are the worst America  has to offer, and the worst for the world. She's not. Should Bernie win the nomination, I will support him, fully. Should she win it, I will support her.


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