Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Trump & speed, or Fuhrer power 1.1

What's the difference between Dean Moriarity (the groovy, Beat, propulsive lead character in Jack Kerouac’s "On the Road") and Donald Trump? Well, the answer isn't drug intake.

Speed freaks, total speed freaks both.

If you were listening to Trump's victory rant last night, you couldn't stop. You might have been horrified, like me, but you couldn’t stop. That it didn't bother to make much sense was part of its appeal. A testament, if anything, to pure authority.

Marjorie Eagan, on her talk show today, said she usually gets some housework done during such victory speech rigmaroles. Not this time. She put down the laundry and couldn't stop listening. (She likes Trump about as much as I do, which is a inordinately negative amount.)

This ability to rivet listeners is very Fuhrer. It was not the least of the Fuhrer's powers.

(There should be a superhero, Marvel or not, who is not endowed with super strength, super speed, invisibility, etc., any of the usual, but can lock in your auditory attention, keep you listening, rivet you, no matter how you try to break off, as he raves on. What should he be called?)

I don't meant to imply that the United States today, for all its shit, is much like Weimar Germany, with the Depression going, and Nazis and Communists doing gang war in the streets.

Just saying that Trump has that particular Fuhrer-power.

And, that Hitler, too, loved speed.

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