Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tom Brady says football is too brutal and quits. Not.

Football is passé. Won't be focused on the collision_concussion_derby this Sunday. The Ken Stabler story should lay all doubts to rest about the sport's sanity and  safety: Stabler was a q'back, the most protected of the eleven, and yet, we learn, lost his brains. 

Maybe Brady will say enough already, this is a bad sport. If he did that, I’d forgive him for endorsing Trump -- (and, here's the last trace of my ambivalence, for losing to the Broncos.)

Hang it up, Tom, hang it up. Would you let your kid play, if you had one? Mike Ditka won't. Would you?

So, to segue to a more civilized sport, basketball. Anybody watch the Warriors beat the Wizards last night? Or humiliate the Lebron Cavaliers last time they played? And utterly spank San Antonio (though Duncan was on the bench)?

When I watch the Warriors, I wind up saying things like: "They're redefining basketball!" or "This is a new paradigm!" I'm not sure what either pretentious statement means, though both could be right.
. . .

Absurd as it may be, I picture Brady and coach Belichick, post-football, playing chess. Belichick wins of course. He was always pretty smart, and then again, his brain is intact.

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